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Private beach veranda

The private beach veranda, a relaxing space on the chaotic beach in August. During the day you can book your place with sunbeds and umbrella on the wooden veranda adjacent to the beach and in the evening dine a stone's throw from the sea at the romantic tables.

Private parking

Solarium rental

Canoe rental

Sunbed rental

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Sunbeds and umbrellas rental

Rental of classic sunbeds, deluxe free beach and floating sunbeds. Every day from 9.30am. (Service available from May to October)

N.BSunbeds and umbrellas on the beach cannot be booked. Once you have identified the space on the beach, our lifeguards will bring the sunbeds and place the umbrella in the place you have chosen.



Rental of sunbeds can be booked in our solarium garden. Sunbeds are not on the beach. Every day from 9.30am.

(Service available from May to October)


Parking the Nymphs

The "Le ninfe" car park is located a stone's throw from Mugoni beach in Alghero and close to the restaurant of the same name. 

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